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Woman shoots person robbing her home…. now the burglar’s family is irate at the woman!

A Miami woman killed a burglar which broke into her home and the family of the robber are now quite irate at the woman for taking the plunge. Gwendolyn Jenrette had security surveillance cameras installed on the outskirts of her home. She lives in Liberty City, a place known for its dark underbelly.

One day her security system fired off and alerted her that someone broke into her property. She raced back home in order to defend her property from the burglar. No one wants to lose his hard earned money and belongings.

She arrived home and there was the burglar, she shot her down. The police are now confused if the woman can be blamed for fatally shooting a teenager as he fled her home. The question is, “Fatally shooting a teenager in her property who was stealing even when the police was on its way, was this a right action?

The 17-year-old Trevon Johnson died after Jenrette shot him down as he allegedly tried to escape the robbery scene. There is no evidence in place which might show that Johnson was armed. The lady killing a robber had been shown multiple times that day on both television and social media with the added pride.

News reporter at the crime scene, the same house which was defended by house owner

Police think that the guy chose the wrong home with a good security system. The family of the robber says that he was a good guy who didn’t deserve to die so early. They are angry at the woman for being too quick.

I don’t care if she have her gun license, her rights or any of that. That is way beyond the law,” – said the female cousin of the guy. The law however surely varies from state to state, regarding the home invasions and the use of force to avoid it. However, this new incident came out at a wrong time, Trump is already trying to curb down the gun usage by homeowners.

The Americans for the first time in history are divided on the notion if the guns are a solution or a problem causing device.

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