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Woman shares mental breakdown of a stranger after she rejected him on Tinder

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Relationships require the right kind of blend of understanding, if an understanding is missing then no kind of relation can survive. This one thing is universal and works everywhere irrespective of location, gender or race. Sometimes relationships simply don’t work out the way expected, the people involved should be mature enough to move past such a situation. This definitely requires some level of maturity. Every relation starts with a conversation, at this point when one of the two participants make a move to start a relation, things can either turn out to be positive or negative.

This one story suffered a negative end when the guy involved attempted to start a relationship with a girl. This girl rejected the guy who tried to approach her on Tinder. He snapped and showed his reality onwards.

Julia shares her experience how rejecting a man turned into a debacle

Julia from Canada shared her story on the social media as a caution to other women. She shared her experience of rejecting a man on Tinder when he approached her in real life. He then sent her a series of terrifying messages. She told him many times that she was not interested in him by any means. The man was not ready to listen to her and he kept on sending some creepy messages. She shared these details on Twitter while posting the screenshots of the conversation which she had with the boy.

The man was quite adamant and rude. He was insistant that Julia should have given him a chance. He was just not ready to accept no for an answer. Julia was later interviewed by Unilad which is a website covering viral stories. She told the Unilad that she had her Instagram account connected to her Tinder account. She did that to help people know that she wasn’t a catfish. She wanted to stay real to the visitors. However, this resulted into an identity leak when the man tracked her down using Instagram.

The guy had approached her outside the Tinder. He was rebuffed by Julia because of his particular move of tracking her down to which he justified that things aren’t straight in life. Julie was obviously angry because of the dilapidated and rude behaviour of the man. He acted as if Julia was some immoveable property ready to be acquired.

The guy was simply not ready to take no for an answer. He tried to prove his loyalty by letting Julia know that he hadn’t seen her as her Instagram profile was private. He was quite unsure about Julia’s choice as he couldn’t believe that some woman could potentially ignore him.

Julia was interviewed by Unilad and she said that she wanted to make everything clear but the man was simply not able to understand. She wanted to block him but she thought that he would simply make another account for talking to her. The guy continued to send creepy messages and told Julia that she had no right to reject anyone as she was on a dating site.

Why are you even alive now? You don’t have any right to reject someone on dating site.

said the man to the Julia

She later reported the man to the Instagram.

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