Woman sends 159,000 text messages to man after getting rejected

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Relationships have an important place in the life of some people. These relations carry a weight and are essential for many people because human being is said to be a social animal. Getting involved in something for sake of a good experience is fine, however getting obsessed with something can be dangerous. This woman got obsessed with the idea of relationship as a result she has made into the news websites. A woman reportedly sent 159,000 text messages to a man after she got rejected for a potential relationship. She couldn’t engulf the rejection and decided to barge into the sms box if the man’s cellphone.

This man was stalked and teased by the woman he rejected

Jacquelyn Ades who is 31 years old couldn’t understand the reason behind her rejection. She is accused of subjecting a man to sheer stalking and a campaign of messages. This campaign also involved immoral things like breaking into the man’s house. Jacquelyn Ades used the bath to enter into the man’s house. There is one more thing to be noted in this love hate relationship, one day she barged into the office of the man and pretended to be his wife.

Last May, after receiving a complaint, the police department had to do something regarding the woman. They approached her and arrested her in Phoenix. The police when arrested the woman, they found a butcher’s knife in her car. The ideas of woman were not welcoming and pleasant. When the research and investigation was conducted, some strange details were found. It was investigated that the woman had sent the victim 65,000 texts in 10 months. However, further checks revealed that this number was not accurate, the real number was 159,000.

One message read, “Don’t you ever dare to leave me, or you’ll lose your life… though I don’t want to do this.” There were similar other messages with the same love intensity. The woman was obsessed with the idea of the man. One message even read, “I’d made sushi out of your kidney and chopsticks out of your bones.

Jacquelyn Ades had met him on a millionaire dating website, since then she couldn’t ignore him.

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