Woman ‘roasted’ by guy she went on date with six months ago, he calls her behavior unethical

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There are a lot of things which are important before entering into a relationship with someone. Normally people plan on various meetings before entering into a relationship with someone, as they attempt to understand their personality. Later into this dating life, they prefer to think about taking the relationship a step further, which can be taken as an attempt to carry that relationship to a permanent level. First dates are normally crucial and a lot of people think about it in a comprehensive manner. Normally people find it hard to initiate some meaningful talk on their first date.

This one girl who went on a date with a guy around six months ago got called out by the same guy. He tried to roast the girl as he blamed that she despite making him pay for the date didn’t texted or made any contact later. There are two sides to his story, the first side is about waiting for a matter of six months before getting some reply. It’s quite a long waiting period. The other side is that the guy might have been interested in the girl after the first date but the girl might not be thinking in the same manner. It’s not necessary that the two participants think on the same frequency.

The girl was pretty surprised after she learned that the guy had tried to roast her based on her behavior. The London based Amy Bottrill later explained her behavior. Amy was not sure that someone could keep something inside his heart for like six months. Therefore she gave another update on Twitter regarding the matter.

The man later had the audacity to give reply to Amy regarding the matter. He tried to appear cool in the matter. Therefore, he attempted to give reply to Amy while showing that he was a pretty cool dude.

Nope. Life is too short for grudges darling. However, don’t let that stop any reconciling you may have been considering.

The woman commented that the guy could have met her if he wanted to see her again. However, since the guy didn’t approach therefore she thought that he didn’t feel interested. Plenty of people had flabbergasted after learning the stance of the man as they were not ready to believe that someone could  keep a grudge for so long.

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