Woman pepper sprays grown up man for nothing and gets treated accordingly

Written by Wamiq Ali

Woah! that woman thought nothing before pepper spraying the innocent dude for no specific reason. It was unjust and everyone around there knew that the woman had done something wrong thus the man treated her accordingly. He punched the woman with an effective force smacking her down to the ground.

This a group wearing black themed dresses while hiding their identities using masks. One of them berated group member told the dude that hitting the woman was wrong. Well, a group of people hiding their identities while holding batons also seems quite wrong. The dude tried to give his reasoning that he got pepper sprayed for no reason.

It was a typical fight, one from the group instigated the fight by using pepper spray and once the dude (who got pepper sprayed) got a hold of the entire group with force and stifled their regression, at once, he was called the wrong guy. The perfect part of the video are those two dudes who cowered to the corner of the alley.

Those two boys running away from fight, cornering themselves to the wall

The dude in the grey hoodie slapped the girl who contested for the innocence of the girl pepper spraying. The two guys in the background came to realise that they couldn’t influence the dude with force. Thus, after watching one of their complicit receiving a slap, they decided to hide behind the corner.

It was this woman who kept on asking the angry dude the reason for the assault. The angry dude told the truth, “Pepper spraying for no reason is wrong.” The male companions of the masked group did nothing other than throwing verbal rants on the dude. They could have dealt with the situation in a better way.

Reaction of the woman on hearing about pepper spray assault by one of her complicit

The face reaction of this woman is amazing, she almost got dumb once she realised that it was the mistake of her own group. The woman above can be seen giving some serious dead look after she was told that a stupid dumb girl in her group pepper sprayed the dude for no apparent reason. She got answerless as she had no justification for a pepper spray assault.

Dude kicked the girl who pepper sprayed him and also punched her down to the ground.

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