Woman offers to show up at funerals for $50, earns people remarks

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Definitely there are different kind of people in this world and everyone has a different sort of mentality. This change in mentality is mostly dependent on the nature and nurture. The upbringing of an individual plays an important role in shaping his personality. This woman has made everyone astonished after she offered to attend the funerals of people for $50. Everyone understands that funeral is a no-fun thing and most people are quite sad over the death of someone. There are different kinds of situation related to a funeral. Most people are in grief however there are some people who are present in the funeral and they have never met the person concerned. This happens because the funeral is of some distant relative.

This woman offers funeral attending service, internet dubs it as creative

The internet was astonished on the resolution of this woman, she attends funeral of people for $50. This is her attending fee. She has found a new avenue of earning a revenue. The woman had recently shared a tweet in which she pitched to attend the funeral of a person for $50. The tweet went viral as no one was expecting that someone like her would exist.

The woman also conditions that the obituary of the concerned person must be published in the newspaper. Twitter was quick to respond to her requirements and self-advertisement.

There were people who also posted their conditions if they were ever going to hire her for sake of her funeral services. These people took her advertisement in a funny way, however, there were some who also admired her for finding a new way to earn a living.

So, this guy came to her and he was willing to get the woman arranged for his funeral. This was a sort of advance booking for his own funeral as he wanted the woman to come. Further, he also needed assurances that the woman might appear.

The conversation started and it took different turns. Eventually there were other Twitter users who also joined this conversation. A few users thought it interesting enough to ignore it for sake of other things. They were having a good time reading this thread.

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