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Woman lets men humiliatingly dump her into rubbish bin for £10

Written by Wamiq Ali

A video of a woman who allowed some men to dump her into rubbish bin has gone viral on the internet. The unknown woman is currently facing online backlash because she allowed some men to humiliate her for a small amount of £10. The shocking video appeared on the Snapchat and it instantly went viral all over the internet.

A man can be seen in the video pushing the women into a bin and then kicking her ferociously to the ground inside of it. It appears in the video that the woman was promised 10 Pounds by the man in order to carry out this sickening act.

The place of the video is believed to be somewhere in Britain and the video allegedly appeared on Snapchat two weeks ago by user ‘Eamon’. The video was screen recorded and then uploaded to Instagram.

In the video, a few men can be seen standing beside the woman who was trying to get inside the bin. The man standing beside her wanted her to get her further into the bin but she said that she was already all over inside of it.

Come on, duck your head. Duck your head! – said the man in grey hoodie</blockquote

The female refuses by saying that they were hurting her and that she couldn’t get into the bin further. However, in the video, it can be seen that before the female finishes her dialogue a man grabs the dustbin lid and viciously closes it down by hitting it violently into her head. Woman shouts in pain but another man kick the bin and it falls to the ground and then this all start laughing.

Ow that hurt! You better give me that tenner now! Ow! – said the woman who probably promised 10 pounds for the sick act.

The footage was uploaded to the @thestreetblogs Instagram page over the weekend and it has gotten around 250k views.

“Unfortunately these days humiliating and violating people seems to get “likes”, it’s degrading that she’s been treated like… and she’s been humiliated on social media for all to see,” commented @ bubbleshw29.

“Sad people that pick on vulnerable people not even funny,” another user added.

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