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Woman left with life-threatening heart condition after parents chose prayer over medical treatment

Written by Wamiq Ali

Mariah Walton was left permanently disabled due to certain heart and lung complications after her parents chose prayers over medical treatment. It’s a thing of worry that people who don’t believe in science still exist. It’s worth mentioning that science and faith both go together to ensure a complete solution.

Ms Walton was born with a small hole in her heart which could have been treated in earlier years of her life, but due to guardians choosing faith over science, she is now suffering from a life-threating condition. 21-year-old Mariah from Idaho and her siblings are now protesting to get a law approved, which may force guardians to tend to medical treatment instead of mere prayers.

My lungs burn because I can’t get the oxygen I need. They used to pray over me. The’d say: “God’s going to heal you, just have faith” and all kinds of stuff… I think it’s time to prosecute them. – She told KTVB

Mariah Walton 21-year-old

Mariah has 9 siblings in total and she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease at the age of 18. Her mother instead of proper medical treatment used to feed her with herbs and gave her certain oils. Her sister later told media the statement of their parents:

We need to pray for Mariah, that she isn’t growing or doing well, and the evil spirits will leave her.

In Idaho, it’s legal that the state will not say anything to parents in case of neglect if they refuse to take medical treatment for their kids and choose faith instead. Freedom of religion is a right under the first amendment to US constitution, so Idaho legislative authority didn’t take any step in this regard last year, but now external pressure in building up after cases like the above cited.

Campaign group “Children’s Rights to Live,” said that they are trying hard to change the law. The law which covers parents for their neglect isn’t proving good for the children.

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