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Woman kills boyfriend over £10 and makes a fake tribute Facebook post to cover her crime

Written by Wamiq Ali

Crimes these days are getting more and more stupid, killing someone for stupid reasons has become a norm. Every day I switch on the television and I come across a new news of stupidity which helps me cringe on the humanity. This woman named Zoe Warren killed her boyfriend, Mark Shaw in the most inhumane and torturing way, she’s now been life-sentenced in jail.

A friend of Zoe Warren named Keiran Adey was also jailed because of her collusion in the murder case. The guy was found dead at his home in Newcastle after receiving more than 80 wounds. The adversaries which the dead endured before dying were that he got bitten, beaten, hit with a pool cue meanwhile tied to the bed by his ankles.

As Saw died, Ms Warren went to the Facebook and wrote a tribute post about her boyfriend. The message was full of spelling errors.

However, the 20-year-old had actually murdered her boyfriend. The brawl happened over a stolen £10 which the guy took to spend on drugs. Ms Adey was furious over the guy too because he owned £5 of her. Police report that the guy was attacked so brutally that he looked like an elephant man on the crime scene.

After the murder Warren joked around, “I killed and got away with a murder“, people took it as a non-serious thing emerged out of serious shock. Warren told the court that it was Adey who punched and bit Mr Shaw. Adey, on the other hand, accused Warren of providing a fatal blow to the man.

Mr Shaw

When the police arrived at the scene, Mr Shaw was dead following a heroin overdose. Mr Shaw had problems too if it weren’t for heroin he might have defended himself. The guy was dead for hours and he was kept tied up to the bed while the girls partied all night.

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