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Woman in the queue snaps after she had enough of flossing dance

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A woman in the queue decided that she had enough of the flossing dance. Floss dance is a popular trend which has taken the internet and streets by storm. People find it equally amusing and entertaining. This dance moves requires quite a lot of coordination and without making the coordination in right order, the magic can’t happen. According to TheMetro the dance originates from an Instagram-famous America schoolboy. The 16-year-old Russel Horning who is also known as backpack kid was the reason of this dance trending on the internet.

If someone hasn’t watched him doing this dance move before, then just scroll down a little. This one Instagram upload made his dance famous in the entire world. This is the beauty of the internet, sometimes it makes “Cash me ouside” famous while other times it makes some dance moves famous.

Later, fans of the backpack kid started to copy the floss dance. With the passage of time it became a signature dance move for many. The videos of the floss dance started to get into the trending portion of the internet. Later, in May 2017, Russel was invited in a TV show to demonstrate his famous dance move.

Now, this story of the trending floss dance ends here, let’s get back to the woman who had enough of this floss dance trending everywhere. She was standing in a queue and the teenager behind her was doing the floss dance. She thought that she had enough of the dance. Hence, she decided at once to teach some lesson to the teenager. She thumped him hard in the face. The move from the woman was so sudden that even the teenager couldn’t anticipate. He was attempting to be a source of some entertainment but instead he became a source of agitation. Clearly woman was annoyed with the floss dance.

This video was filmed by someone and it was later uploaded by therealkeeper on the Reddit. The video earned more than 7.5k recommendations on the Reddit. It gathered around 549,734 views. Another guy in comments suggested that the woman wrongly interpreted the move of the teenager. He wrote that maybe the woman didn’t know that the floss dance existed and she mistook the movements of the teenager to be something else, more inappropriate and luscious. Another guy suggested that this was a bit of overreaction as the kid was merely having some fun.

Watch the woman in action:

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