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Woman has rare genetic mutation which stops her pain and anxiety, including childbirth-pain

A woman has a rare genetic condition which stops her from feeling any kind of pain or any feeling of anxiety. This is a unique disease and it wouldn’t be fair to call it a disease, however it’s worth mentioning that at some times, feeling pain can be in benefit as well. Fear and pain are two things which can add quite a many valuable things in the life. Fear often promises success, anyhow this is a discussion of another day. The scientists had hoped to find the reason behind this genetic mutation. This particular kind of genetic mutation which has prevented this woman from feeling pain had never been identified before.This had made the scientists to document the life of different people who never felt pain in their life, for around 100 years.

The case of this woman was revealed when she went through a hand operation. This woman was living with her husband on the banks of the Loch Ness in Scotland. The doctor who operated this woman, Jo Cameron, was at that time perplexed to find out that she didn’t feel any kind of pain. The woman is now 71 years old and she doesn’t feel any pain even she is quite old. In the past when she was 65 years of age, she was needed to get her hip replaced, she didn’t have any pain. However, she realised about the problem when she saw that her hip was totally degenerated. It often took a smell of burning flesh for her husband to identify that there was some problem.

Therefore, in the coming years, scientists came across different kind of people who didn’t feel any pain during different circumstances in their life. The scientists scanned the genetic profile of Jo Cameron and they found that her genetic sequence was different than normal people. Ultimately the scientists were able to find this gene, which they called as FAAH-OUT. Everyone has this one gene however, this woman had somehow edited version of this gene. The front of the gene in the woman was missing which was stopping her from feeling any pain. However, there can be some downsides of this gene mutation, like she often forgets her keys and other things.

Scientists believe that the lessons learn from such people would help them make better and effective pain killers.

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