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Woman goes angry after being denied McFlurry

McDonald’s is something which anyone from any age group loves equally. Most people who have a flavour for burgers do love it a lot, while the others love it because of its special ice cream, the McFlurry. McRage is one thing which is also pretty common and this post goes for this woman who goes angry as soon as she is denied a McFlurry.

Before we get into more details, the exact location of this retail store is yet unknown; however, according to Unilad, the woman was told that since the ice cream machine was not working; therefore, she could not be given any ice cream. It happened in America and as soon as the woman heard about a denial she started to hurl things on to the staff of the McDonald’s outlet. It was pretty unexpected for the staff and a lot of the staff started to take cover of the McDonald’s counter.

As the woman started to throw things on the staff of the McDonald, the customers preferred to get the McHell out of the McDonald’s outlet.

The woman, a McDonald customer, is denied a McFlurry and as a result of her anger she started to tear apart the entire restaurant. During her mood, she also attempted to take a hold of an old woman belongings, as she wanted to throw those at the McDonald’s employees. However, the old woman, who was the owner of those belongings, stopped the woman by asking her politely to not throw those away. The angry woman despite her anger issues decided to listen to the old woman.

It was pretty strange sight, as the customers decided to run away. No one was willing to stay in the outlet as soon as they started to hear loud shouts.

It appeared that everyone was not prepared for such a situation. The woman took things one by one and threw them on the outlet’s staff

The identity of the woman is not yet clear. Hope she is found and given justice. The staff appears to have committed no mistake; however, details can only be found once authorities dwell into the matter and attempt to find hard facts. One thing is for sure that such a behaviour is not a welcoming act. The woman should have restored herself to peaceful means of ending the problem. It appears that the modern outlets need to be trained for Kung Fu techniques too. Just saying!

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