Woman giving away her $1.6M home through competition as she can’t sell it

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People normally try to move upward their economic-social block and in attempt to do so they upgrade their earning and skill capacity which are both related. A better skill set can help boost financial status of someone. One important element of this upward mobility of economic-social status is buying materialistic things, like owning a home. People usually earn life long in order to purchase a house of their own desires. A woman is giving away her house through a writing competition as she couldn’t sale her house.

Alla Wagner’s $1.6-million property in Millarville, Alta. can be all yours

A creative pen-craft and an entry into the competition can help someone win this house. The woman suffers some back injury and she wants to downgrade her house, as she can’t walk up or down. Therefore, failing to sale her house she entered it into a writing competition as the winner’s gift. She also attempted to offer the house at a lower market price however she wasn’t successful in selling the house. The woman decided to become creative and as a result she created a contest on social media, named “Write a letter, Win a house.” She asked the people to explain that how owning this house might change their life.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sob story, because I’m a realist in my condition. (she said in an interview)

She made the entry fee to be around $25. Currently the woman hopes that there might be around 60k entry applications which might help her earn the required cost of the house. The house has an area of 5,000-square-foot and features three bedrooms. This also includes piano room and wine cellar. In the interview she said that she wants someone who might love the facility and feel attached to the house. According to her, the neighbours are also good people. Wagner had obtained this idea of running the competition after watching a movie, titled Spitfire Grill. The owner in the movie runs an essay contest with an entry fee of $100.

The wine cellar in the basement is an add on

She added that across the USA different kinds of such contests take place. As she had worked as a librarian in the past therefore she chose to create a writing contest; she loved dealing with words. She also plans to donate a portion of her earnings to the Calgary Women’s Shelter.

In the end, there would be semifinals for the competition and around 500 letters would be judged by a panel of independent judges. This story has been reported by CBC news and further details can be obtained from their website.

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