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Woman gets ‘Four Ribs Removed’ in an attempt to get ‘World’s Smallest Waist’

Written by Wamiq Ali

The reality TV star wants to go a step further after already getting her four ribs removed in an attempt to gain the world’s smallest waist. The internet has already rebuffed her ideas in the wake of her surgical procedure to get her looks augmented. Sophia Wollersheim had made her appearance in RTL’s The Jungle Camp. It’s a German-based show which is equivalent in theme and concept to ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of Here’.  Miss Sophia now considers another rib operation, which is quite insane thing to hope for one’s own body.

Health and body are something which work both in tandem, a person in the later age requires the wellness of his body and that is only possible if early life care is adapted for a better future. The 30yo Sophia has repeatedly gone under various operations to augment her looks and the fans have repeatedly lashed out to dissuade her from not going through such dangerous procedures. Fans have repeatedly urged her to stop doing such dangerous ventures.

The waist of Sophia is as Tiny as 18.5 inches

Fans of Sophia fear that she might have serious issues in near future

She wants to go further in the race of World’s smallest waist

She recently posted a picture flaunting her tiny waist while seeking a pole on going further to get it reduced. She asked her fans if she could get her waist tighter than before, around 79% of fans voted in negative as they don’t want someone to harm her body for sake of bizarre passions. Sophia had her earlier rib removal surgery last year.

She has reportedly gone under various other procedures like chest augmentation and nose jobs. She had to travel to USA in order to get her ribs removed since the operation was deemed dangerous and thus illegal in Germany. She then posted a picture of her reduced waist into a Facebook post. She further added that she got inspired by Cher and Brigitte Bardot as they had allegedly gone through the removal of ribs.

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