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Woman freaks out & smacks Asian employees while calling racial slurs but no one does anything

Written by Wamiq Ali

So here we are having another public freakout video where a woman enters into a shopping store and starts to assault the Asian employees standing there, who are meant to deal with the customers. The motives behind the women freak out and the reason she snapped isn’t yet known. This happened in somewhere around Singapore and the place seems to be an airport.

S this woman enters into an eyeglasses store, she is probably chasing someone. As soon as she enters the store she starts beating up the Chinese employees working up there. She doesn’t care for her surroundings and all she starts to do is to shout and smack down the employees.

She calls the Chinese employees with racial slurs. In the video there are two employees standing on the desk and there is another person who is behind the desk recording the entire scene. The women seem to have some personal enmity with the one who is recording the scene.

After she repeatedly shouts in a very loud voice a lot of other people also start together in the store. They become inquisitive of the women and soon after some time a security personnel also enters the store. She tries to calm down the woman and makes her sit on a chair so that she may overcome her hyper attitude. Another guy enters the store and both of them try to block the women passage towards the one who is actually recording the video.

The woman left quiet belligerent remarks. She seemed to be totally out of senses and something bad must have happened to her. The store after afterwards released the statement that a shopper came running into the store. This shopper was trying to run away from the woman who freaked out. The store hasn’t yet revealed the Wellness of its employees. The case has been taken up by the Police. The most noticeable thing in the video is the calm attitude of the female employees in the store.

You watch the video below and let us know in the comments that what exactly the woman wants?

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