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Woman frames & impersonates ex-boyfriend on Facebook to destroy his life as a revenge

Written by Wamiq Ali

Nothing is more dangerous than an angry woman. A woman, belonging to south California, tried to frame his boyfriend on Facebook using his fake identity. Luckily she got exposed and ended up in the jail.  This serves as a warning to those who are thinking to frame their ex-lover. The police aren’t that dumb to actually believe your lies.

The plan was to frame her ex-boyfriend for beating, stalking and kidnapping. Stephani Renae Lawson of Orange County California was arrested and she ended up in jail after pleading guilty to one charge of false imprisonment and one count of perjury. The 25-year-old wanted to take a revenge from her ex-boyfriend but karma was waiting for her actions.

Miss Lawson used to live with her boyfriend at his grandparent’s house. One day she beat her boyfriend and she got kicked out of the house. Trouble started at this very moment when she could no longer live with her boyfriend.

Mugshot in Police Record

She came back to her home and created a fake account of her boyfriend. Angry for getting kicked out of his life she now started to send herself threatening messages using fake boyfriend’s profile. Over a period of 4 months, she kept on sending life-threatening messages to her own Facebook profile. She repeatedly kept reporting Police about the threats she was receiving from his boyfriend (those threats were, in fact, being sent by her to her own Facebook profile).

The matter became serious this time over a course of 4 months. The Police arrested Tyler Parkervest multiple times during these 4 months. Now, Police became more suspicious about the messages after recording the statement of the boyfriend, named Tyler Parkervest. So, they tried to trace back the IP behind the messages, turns out it was Lawson’s IP sending out messages.

So, the girl was sending out messages from a fake profile, impersonating her boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend’s bail was raised to around $200,000 before this whole story got debunked and his grandparents were on the verge of selling the house they owned.

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