Woman fired after asking for a day off as her son was on life support

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A few people choose to do business while others decide to get hired and choose employers as an option. The first group creates business and the other provides services for sustaining the business. Thus, both of these groups play an important role in sustaining the economy of a business in general. This means that the employees are an important asset for a company. They play a meaningful role in the prosperity of the economy. However, this one woman was fired after she showed her cause for not coming to work. The story unfolded after it was covered by minor news sources.

Woman texts manager that she couldn’t come to work as her son was seriously sick

A woman employee texted her work management that she couldn’t come to work because her son was on life support. The job of this woman was important but that didn’t mean she had to ignore her family for sake of it.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher from Albion, Michigan was working at Folk Oil gas station. Her son, 18yo, was seriously ill with a suspected case of sepsis. The child was rushed to the hospital. He was immediately put on the life-support. She was terrified of her son’s life, thus she texted her boss to take a day off. The woman didn’t get the response she expected as she asked for a couple of days off.

The other side of the story isn’t yet known. However, the details of woman conversation with the manager is out and shared. The woman herself uploaded the conversation screenshots on Facebook. The boss was not ready to accept this story as real, she was adamant that the woman was telling a lie.

She considered the excuse of woman at par with a resignation letter. The boss was simply not ready to believe on her version of story. She was sure that every employee she would encounter would be lying to get a day off or two. Thus the poor woman had nothing but to look after her son and leave the job at risk.

One person commented that the manager was merely being lazy as she didn’t want to find out someone who might fill in the shift gap. Many people heard this story and they showed anger on the manager. They couldn’t believe that someone could ignore the needs of a mother.

This story is developing, we’ll share the updates in our next blog post.

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