Woman filmed and got caught shoplifting, later a cart full of products in her Pants was recovered

Written by Wamiq Ali

People think of various creative ways to steal from grocery stores. One of the most popular ways to steal something from mega stores is to use your own pants. This woman used the extra space in her pants to hide a cart full of products. We aren’t sure of the location of the store. We don’t yet know the identity of the woman.

This woman got caught shoplifting and hiding stuff in her pants. The manager of the store stopped her and asked to return back the items. She started removing items of her pants, and it was like a cart full of recovery. The idea was to walk away from the store while hiding the stolen stuff in the pants.

Woman returning the stolen stuff

In the picture above the woman can be seen removing all the stolen stuff off her pants. Due to such thefts, the store owners have started tagging the products. An alarm goes off as someone tries to steal the tagged stuff. All the products are marked up to a specific distance, if someone tries to walk away from the specified area then the alarm starts to alert the security.

Watch the video of the woman where she is shown removing a cart full of stuff from her pants:

We aren’t sure about the location of the video. It got uploaded online and started getting the attention of a lot of people. The video shows quick justice being served.

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