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Woman falls off a 27-floor building while taking selfie

Written by Logical Men

Selfie trend has taken the internet by storm with the advent of front cameras of smartphones. The technology has some benefits like people don’t need to carry papers and notepads anymore. The smartphones have enough memory to allow them take note of anything. Digitisation has helped everyone in some way or the other. Though, selfies are a thing which have grown a lot in recent years. Many people take selfies when they don’t have anyone around to take a picture of them. This is like taking a picture of their own self.

A strange thing happened when a mother of 2 attempted to take her picture from the 27th floor of a building. Everyone wants to include the background in such cases in the picture while they stand at a certain height. The urge to get a perfect selfie can take anyone to any extent. The mother Sandra who was 44yo lost her life in an attempt to take the perfect selfie.


She was leaning on the railing while attempting to take her picture. The incident was filmed by the nearby construction workers. They started filming her as they observed her leaning against the railing in a dangerous way to take a perfect selfie. The video was released by The Metro and it’s not embedded here because of its nature. Emergency services rushed towards the place. It was 10am in the morning in Panama City. Police investigated the matter. They came to the conclusion that a high gust of the wind might have imbalanced the woman. She was spending long time against the railing to get a perfect picture.

She was a teacher by profession and was new to the city. Another resident of the building knew her. In an interview he told that the construction workers in the nearby building were shouting and telling her to remain careful. People left different opinions on her Facebook. Someone commented that this was stupid way to die while the others were of the opinion that such a beautiful lady lost her life in a strange way.

This article is written in wake of public message which was released by Panama’s Fire Service department. It urges people to not risk their life for sake of a useless selfie. Life is more important than anything.

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