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Woman destroys $650,000 Ferrari seconds after she drove it off the dealership

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An extremely shocking moment when a woman crashed a flawless Ferrari merely minutes after renting it from a local dealership. A video, which was recorded in the city of Weling China, displays the horrifying moment how the female crashed the half million dollar Ferrari 458 due to slippery road.

Joy of riding a Ferrari 458

The first part of the video shows the sheer joy of the woman driving the Ferrari. In the beginning of the video, the female can be heard saying that she was driving the Ferrari for the first time and also acknowledged that it was the best feeling ever. People who have actually had the chance to ride a super car, such as this, will know the first drive; it is something special that cannot be described in words. The only thing that can truly ruin the memory of such first ride is in fact a crash like this.

Joy ending in a slippery crash

The first part of the video was recorded on the cellphone of the woman from the driving seat, the next part of the clip is from the traffic cameras installed on the busy city-center road which shows a car suddenly moving out of control and then getting in collision traffic barrier and then hitting a BMW X3, which then leads to a black Nissan. Fortunately enough, now one was seriously injured in the crash. The amazing car was owned by a local rental dealership for a hefty price of 500,000 pounds. From the video, the accident can be judged as a low-speed accident but the accident left the luxurious sports car completely destroyed.

However, it is yet to be known if the woman had an insurance policy and/or whether that insurance policy will cover the huge damage. The social media users were quick to launch their speculations into the accident and many of them suggested the female may have disabled the car’s traction right before the crash which would explain the sudden slip.

What according to your opinion might have caused the crash?

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