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Woman confronts to teach her ex a lesson but Police had different plans for her

Written by Wamiq Ali

It is quite soothing to watch this girl who didn’t even got the satisfaction to have a detailed look at the face of her ex. Definitely she made a huge mistake after approaching her ex for confrontation even when a restraining order was in place. The court made a good decision of giving a restraining order as the guy definitely needed one.

So this girl goes to a gym where she finds her ex and she decides to confront him for all the bad stuff which he had done in the past. But unfortunately police gets called up right at the place and they dragged her out of the gym. The girl made an attempt to go limp in order to stop the police taking her away. Though that wasn’t going to help because of her small physic and weight. So this plan of the girl didn’t work out and they picked her up in order to move her out of the gym.

It is common in Florida and other states of U.S. that women do not like injunctions. Almost every time a guy against a girl or a girl against a guy is given a restraining order but they violate it within 24 hours. And also it is the responsibility of the guy to record the video of the person who is given a restraining order. A lot of videos normally turn up in the court which help the judges to decide and give a verdict against the violating party.

This girl was dragged out of the gym and after her resistance the police didn’t felt shy to pick her up and throw her outside.

Watch the video below and just note the look on the girl’s face. At first she comes up to the guy like a bold woman but then she gets dragged away like someone in a deep mess.

The girl made a grave mistake. The violation of the restraining order isn’t going to prove well in her case. Even if the guy made a mistake in past, this particular mistake of the girl is going to cost her in the court. She must be thankful to the Police for intervening and rescuing the situation. Confrontation in a court matter can be pyrrhic in nature if you win on the field but lose in court.

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