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Woman complains about small engagement ring and goes on a rant, faces union-bashing online

A woman complained about receiving a small engagement ring on Twitter and people didn’t like the idea of thinking so shallow about an engagement ring. Everyone pointed out her mistake and accused her of being greedy. After her rant, one question arises, Does size really matter?

Some days ago Twitter user @Daymjina posts the picture of her engagement ring online on Twitter. The caption was termed horrible by a lot of Twitter users, the tweet said, “Imagine finally being proposed to & this is the ring you’re given,” along with some crying emojis in the end.


Apparently, the ring is small but it’s quite sweet. A diamond ring seeks no size, every size which fits in your finger is good enough. The tweet actually made a lot of controversies and it made people think about the superficiality of the thought. Other people also started to reply with their engagement rings picture. Some of them even had smaller rings than her but they all were quite happy and contented with their own ring. So, apparently, Twitter started to teach the woman a lesson.

Someone said, “Imagine proposing a girl and some moments later she mocks the size of the ring on social media.” The woman whose tweet caused this backlash told Yahoo that she made the tweet just to troll the people. The tweet actually brought out a positive side of the community. It’s good to know that a lot of people actually care about the love rather than the ring. In 2013, an independent survey was conducted about the engagement rings. Around 36% people were of the view to either upgrade the ring or to get something bigger or better.

DailyMail on the hand reported otherwise, it reached the user behind this Twitter account, she said that she found the picture somewhere in her social circle and decided to keep the original uploader anonymous, as she was another woman. Gina Ahmadi, however, felt that the original uploader was right about the ring, so she picked up the picture and uploaded it on her Twitter account with the similar caption, but people didn’t feel like agreeing with her.

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