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Woman who claimed £72,000 disability benefits caught winning gold at karate & internet is angry

Claire Thomas claimed disability benefits for six years because she was suffering from asthma. In a recent video which emerged online it can be seen that the woman is a black belt karate champion. The forty six year old Claire Thomas started to receive benefits in 2007 as she was declared disabled by the Department of work and pensions.

But in 2013 it was revealed that the woman was undergoing a karate training 3 to 4 times a week, she was also competing karate tournaments and was winning medals.

In 2007 when she was declared unfit by the Department of Work and Pensions she claimed to be suffering from diabetes high and blood pressure.

After the news of her karate classes and sessions, an investigation was launched on the woman and during the investigation and surveillance she was seen wearing Karate clothes on May 23. In addition to taking part in karate classes she was also seen smoking outside a car window.

A regional Karate competition was also being held in Birmingham and she was seen taking part in it and winning a gold medal, afterwards. The investigators who were keeping an eye on her also found that she was walking without any trouble and without any signs of difficulty along with no shortness in breath.

The woman can be seen posing with her Karate Certificate

One of the charges were filed against MS Thomas because of her inability to inform the department of works and pension about her improved condition between 2012 and 2013. The charges speak of a dishonest attempt to keep on getting the disability benefits.

The fraud investigator Judith Merryman told the media that she was contacted by the women in 2005 and was told that she needed and income support because she was single with a dependent child. She even revealed that the woman told her about suffering from a severe asthma case. The woman told her that she always needed someone with her in public place because of this serious condition.

The woman is being charged with possible attempt of fraud in order to gain the benefits. The state is prosecuting the woman because the investigators found her walking without any difficulty, smoking in the car and fighting Karate competitions.

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