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Woman catches mechanic joyriding in her new Camaro which was left at dealership for oil change

A woman catches a mechanic red-handed, joyriding in her new Indy 500 Camaro. The husband of the woman had left the car to the dealership for a regular service and oil change. The woman posted all the details in a Facebook group forbidding others to leave their cars at Montebello Chevrolet dealership.

Well, imagine leaving your car for regular oil change and AC filter check up, and then your wife calls you spotting your car at a food take away with mechanic inside the car. I think imagination is enough to get angry about the whole situation. The same happened to this woman, who saw their new car on roads and then in a food take away area.

The woman then wrote a detailed post denouncing the dealership and the mechanic on Facebook. She said, that her husband had left the car for a regular oil change and AC checkup. Her husband owns a unique 500 Chevy Camaro pace car. These cars are small in number in America, only 200 cars were made and delivered in the USA. The woman further added that when you see orange with white stripes Camaro with Indy emblems then it means that it can be your very own car.

The wife and the husband were going somewhere and then they saw their car. They at once knew that it was their very own car on the roads. Someone was driving it quite fast. They tried to keep up with him and finally, they saw the car in the driveway section of food takeaway. It was, in fact, their own car, so the woman at once went to the driver. She turned on her camera and the mechanic was driving their car. The woman told the guy that this was her car to which the mechanic replied, “No this isn’t your car!”

The woman then told the mechanic that they had left it at the dealership for an oil change. The mechanic then argued that he took it for a test drive. The woman, on the other hand, filming the whole thing didn’t believe him as he was driving it fast and also the music was playing quite a loud. You can watch the video below:

The mechanic got nervous and started to drive the car in reverse. He even scratched the bumper. The woman told him to stop driving in reverse to which he replied, “You are making me nervous!”. Then he drove the car back to the dealership. The woman and the husband at once went to the dealership. They at once started to apologize their customers, the manager apologized and the guy too apologized. On the other hand, they also caught the guy laughing once they reached the dealership.

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