Woman calls police after husband brings home ‘wrong type of chicken’

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People take a decision of marriage after much consideration and prior to taking this decision they make sure that they spend enough time with their significant other so that they can understand habits and decide if they would be able to survive or not. Looks like this woman had not spent enough time with her husband and she didn’t know him quite well. The difference in state of affairs between the couple became visible to the police when they were called by women after she got into an argument with her husband as he had not brought the ‘right type of chicken’ according to her.

At 7:30 pm, a 40 years old woman called a cops from Wisconsin as she reported that she had a verbal arugment with her 37 years old husband, Brown Deer police wrote in a release. They titled the release as “Noteworthy Calls from the Weekend.” The police investigation learnt that the man had bought wrong kind of poultry and this made women enter into an argument after she became angry as a result the man had to spend his entire night at his father’s home. This was clearly tragic for the man. The police did not mention the part of the chicken which was actually needed by the women, as they didn’t write the other details. It was unclear which dish was the woman making. However this reporting was termed hilarious by the users of the internet. The users offered different comments on this matter, as married couples could remember getting into an argument over petty issues. However, according to them they never called police as they termed it as personal matters.

Do you believe that the woman took a wrong action while accusing her husband of bringing in the wrong kind of poultry? Maybe she should have tried to tell him with peace, and things would have been carried out more smoothly.

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