Woman blasted by car after she refused to move during “Justice for Isaiah” protest

I completely encourage peaceful protests which are in favour of a right thing, but this woman refused to give way to the incoming traffic and she tried to stop traffic. She stopped a vehicle and blocked its way by standing in front of it, the driver tried to talk out of the situation but this woman kept on standing and being stubborn.

The driver then tried to push the woman by slowly accelerating the car, but again this woman was stubborn enough to go away. Instead, she tried to gather more protestors who came and tried to sympathise the woman blocking the car as can be seen in the video. The driver got impatient and accelerated the car to blast the woman with a surprise and hit her away. The car must have collided the woman with force but again this was to happen. The woman tumbled in the road and many protestors ran towards her favouring a victim card.

This could have been other way around, if the protestors might have tried not to block the road, instead, standing on the roadside with signs to seek justice might have been a better approach. Blocking road and causing people in an emergency to not reach their destination is something inhumane.

Woman coming in way of traffic while other protestors are away

This woman can be seen blocking the vehicles on the road. Then she blocked another vehicle, as shown in the picture below, and got a medicine of her own.

Blocking the vehicle with blasted on the woman later

Watch the video of the whole incident and see how a police car is also nearby! and then the car ran over the woman.

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