Woman behaved rudely with guy in BAR while everyone sits normally

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A lot of things are considered as taboo in the society. Behaving rudely with someone and hitting them with hands is one of those taboos which take a severe form if the victim is a woman. Normally, the masculine gender is accused of rude behavior, however, chances are that feminine gender can be equally violent.

A relationship is something which needs patience and a lot of understanding. If any of these ingredients are missing then it means that the relationship can not prosper well. This couple was filmed in the bar. They were present in the bar to have some good time but instead, they started to fight off each other. The guy was filmed sitting calmly in the bar while the accompanying woman first she threw beer on the guy. Later, she started to behave rudely by hitting the guy with her hands.

The uploader made the video available on the social website Reddit. The caption read, “A woman behaves rudely with the guy but no one cares enough to intervene.”

Different people left different opinions regarding the video. A guy left a comment, “That guy hung in there longer than I would have. If the roles were reversed, I don’t think filming would have continued and someone would have intervened. This is a glaring problem in our society.

Most people in the comment talked about the roles getting reversed in such a situation. The couple in the video can be clearly heard. The woman at the end of the video felt quite weird when the guy left. She was surprised. She couldn’t believe that the guy could have left after her behavior.

A woman commented on the video, “That is truly sad and that’s because I’m a woman. If anyone treated one of my three sons that way and I saw it on tape, shit would get real. I’m NOT a violent person but this piece of garbage should be ready to get as good as she gives. Eff her.

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