Woman becomes famous after her joy-filled divorce celebration

A woman became an internet sensation after she celebrated her separation from her husband in the shape of a divorce-celebration. People normally give quite a lot of importance to their relationships especially a marriage. Therefore they do everything in their power to keep up their marriage and personal life healthy and full of enthusiasm. This woman named Marie Lollis decided to end her 13-year old marriage and she did not want to go by the traditional way. The old way of of ending a marriage includes hue and cry along with pathos.

She decided 2 go through a photoshoot and so went by ending her 13-year old marriage in the most of creative ways. She posed for her photoshoot in quite a happy manner and completed her separation with burning of the wedding photos and rich memories, as a gesture that she was all out ready for the upcoming life without her ex-husband. She wore knee high boots and held a wine glass that had inscribed on it two words ‘Boy Bye’. The entire happy photoshoot, knee-high boots and the completion of photoshoot with burning of wedding photos turned Marie into a huge internet sensation and above everything she was not expecting such emotions and hilarious response from the internet.

The 47 years old just-divorced woman, Marie, wanted to show the world that the life moves on and women of today were more empowered than the women of past. The woman in an interview said that she wanted a creative way to end her marriage as she wanted to celebrate the final official decision of the separation. She asked for help of her sister-in-law with whom her brother is married and surprisingly she was happy to help her out. Together they took a series of photo which can be described in three words like defiant, cheeky and joyful.

One picture shows her stepping up on her wedding picture while breaking the glass as a gesture that she had finally decided to move on in life.

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