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Woman attacks a bouncer for not letting her in & then gets smacked down on the street

This woman gets an offensive treatment from the bouncers who tried to keep her away from the club property. They gave her the warning to stay away and not mess up with the security but this woman was so resilient that she decided to do otherwise. Things ended up in a fight and all this happened in New York.

This woman appears out of nowhere in front of the club. She seemed quite furious and wanted to confront her ex-boyfriend who happened to be a bouncer at the same club. The other friend bouncers decided to help their friend so they didn’t allow the woman to trespass. The girl told the bouncers that she wouldn’t harm or cause any loss. The other bouncer replied, “All of the people say exactly the same before causing drama.” At this moment the girl decided to use the force. This was where she made mistake as she could have walked away gracefully without having any confrontation.

She got close enough to one of the bouncers and tried to grab him. The others made fun of the situation. The passersby started to laugh. Then at once she got rage and hit that bouncer right in the face. I must say, she needed quite a lot of courage and insanity to hit that bouncer right in the face who was 2 times of the girl in physique. 

After receiving a hit from a woman, the bouncer returned the favour and attacked her to the ground. One shoe of the woman got removed from her foot. She picked up the same shoe and returned to attack the bouncer. Rest, what happens? You can watch the video! But keep in mind that this was a burned up case a f relationship.

Even after having a lot the girl kept on insisting to let her meet her boyfriend one last time. Even I started to feel a bit awkward for the girl, maybe she really wanted to meet him, but then again she tried to attack the bouncer who did nothing but to bear her behaviour.

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