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Woman asks, ‘guys shorter than 5’7″ swipe left on Tinder’, savage dude makes her regret

Written by Wamiq Ali

There are two sides to every thing and perspectives are formed relative to the past experience of an individual. There is an equal probability that an optimistic person had a better experience in life or contrary to it he learned from the worse experiences to be the head honcho of his own destiny. The pessimistic person can also turn his tables or he can allow the past errors take a permanent abode in his personality.

The power of choice must be known, one can take many things under his control while at the same time there are a lot of things which are uncontrollable and that doesn’t mean the burgeoning situation is untenable. No, one has to stay neutral.

Since the world is trying hard to let people find peace by obviating prejudice sometimes prevalent in the elite race. Though, this Tinder story might make you think that allowing people to find a neutral ground is kind of different because in the name of choices and preferences are a lot of people translate further into the murky world of differences.

This woman profile asked for guys who must be taller than 5’7″, it’s not a biggie because people must have a preference when it comes to dating. The conversation started in the best way possible after she got matched with some dude.

The dude knew what was needed to be done because he wanted to give the woman a reality check about the world. He wanted to confirm if the prejudice was a part of the girl’s personality with no regards for neutrality or otherwise.

Like a careful sailor, he allowed the conversation wade into the world of preferences. He told that he didn’t like women who were a bit overweight. Bang! This is where the woman having preferences was caught to be lacking the neutrality. She snapped and started to rant a tirade.

She should have stayed neutral and must have endorsed his choices just like he tried to listen to his choice of height regarding the men when it comes to dating.

And this is how people received her prejudice:

Some people were not happy with the woman

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