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Woman asks why a guy she turned down didn’t try harder and gets blasted

Written by Wamiq Ali

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“Women are hard to understand,” this is the sort of cliche we kept on hearing while growing up and almost every other person believes the veracity of this argument. There are certain things which are linked to the upbringing of a person, the ‘nature vs nurture’ is something which affects a lot of people both in positive and negative ways. You are average of 5 people with whom you spent your most time.

You might be wondering that why all of a sudden we’re talking about ‘nature and nurture’ along with their collective effect on the personality of a person. Well, personalities play a vital role in any relationship, call it of a mother, father or wife. This woman was being asked out for a date and she said no expecting that the guy might ask her with more passion. 

This guy invited the girl on a date and tried all his best moves to win her heart. She said no, and he moved on after learning her response. The girl didn’t like the response of the guy as she wanted him to try harder. This particular story developed when the same girl asked the internet its opinions on a Q&A website, Quora.

A dude on the Q&A website felt bad for the question and he tried to give a reality check to the girl asking such weird questions.

After learning the experience of the girl and knowing about the awkward ideology which she held regarding the boy who asked her for a date, the internet started sharing its own experience, in the matter.

The people were angry over such incidents in which woman demand more than required and decline someone just for sake of checking out the commitment. The general suggestion was to take such things like a gentleman and move on with the life.

Some guy suggested that a ‘No’ must be taken as a ‘No’ and it must be respected. The dude who didn’t ask the woman further for a date was actually respecting her values and according to him forcing her more would have been a wrong thing.

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