Woman angry as date refused to pay for lobster and wine

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Dating is an important part of life, if it’s about serious relationship. This gives ample time for the participants of a relation to understand the needs of each other. Without ample interaction, one can’t have a thorough understanding of the other person. Moreover, relationships are more about understanding. One understanding develops then this is all about reality. This woman became furious after she rejected to accept the reality. The reality being her date refusing to pay for lobster and wine.

Date refused to pay, 72 pounds for wine, and some amount for lobster meal

The man shared the details of the incident in a Reddit post. He shared the text messages exchange with his date.

This man enjoyed a night out with a woman in the restaurant. This was his date and he followed a general rule that they would split the bill. The woman ordered some costly meal and became angry on the man when he couldn’t pay for the entire meal.

The altercation broke out between the two. The man pretended to act like a gentleman but he couldn’t control his anger for long

The woman was angry that the man had made her pay for her own bill. The man was ready to forget the past and take the girl for another date. However, because of the last time experience she wasn’t ready to go with the man. She was adamant that on the dates, men should show the chivalry. She started to call him a loser once he tried to show her the mirror. The man then decided to teach her a lesson, thus he sent a hard liner reply in order to make her realise the reality.

The woman branded him rude and arrogant. She said that it was the duty of gentlemen to always pay for the girl’s food.

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