Troubleshoot – WiFi Not Working on Laptop Because of Faulty Switch

You bought a windows laptop with a built in wifi which actually works with a turn on and off button or you may call it a wifi switch. After some days, the wifi stopped working because the button was unable to turn it on. Typically most of the new laptops have now a wifi switch to turn on and off the wireless hardware which if fails gets a status of wifi not working for the user.

When the wireless components of a laptop are turned off the wifi switch shows a red light else it shows a white light in working condition. When the switch fails to turn the wifi on there is a red light which never turns to white one.

Wifi Switch Button Not Working

The same problem can happen when you upgrade your wireless card driver or else upgrade your windows XP to windows 7 or else windows 7 to windows 8. In windows 8 it is a common problem while trying to turn on wifi with button but simple wifi not working.

Solution of wifi not working – Troubleshoot wireless problems on Laptop:

There is just one solution which you can adopt to solve your wifi problem in seconds. Whenever you have wifi stopped; working on a laptop you just need to follow the below guidelines to again connect back your wifi while turning it on with the switch, which is not working. Because with this guide the wifi switch will work just fine.

  • Right Click the “My Computer” icon on the desktop. Click on the properties.
  • The properties windows will popup. On the left pane click on “Device Manager“. Here you can install or uninstall drivers for your laptop hardware.
  • There will be expandable hardware components list, click on the “Network Adapters” and find your wireless adapter. It will have written the word “WiFi adapter or Wireless adapter” or something like this.

Network adapter - Device manager

  • Right click and hit “Uninstall“. After uninstalling click on scan for hardware changed in the top pane below that File, Action and View. Thus, it will install the wireless adapter again, and now hit the switch button to turn on WiFi. This time the red light will turn white and the wifi will start to work.

Scan Hardware Changed - device manager