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Wife craves Italian Food, Husband flies her to Italy to settle her Wish

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A relationship is something which can only work between the two people for a longer period of time with traits like honesty, truth, and love. Genuine relations can work well which are based on reality and unconditional love. Serene Williams’ husband had definitely gone a step ahead in showing the love and fulfilling it with his actions.

Serena said that she wanted Italian food and her husband decided that Italy would be the best spot to settle her cravings. He took her out for a dinner to a totally different country. Now, this is something which is quite off the normal trend. The spouses all over the world are definitely going to face a difficult time if this trend goes mainstream.

Alexis Ohanian, who is the husband of Serena, is definitely a good person. He did what was best for the wishes of her wife. Most important, he took the ordeal as something to show love for her wife. Definitely, this particular way of showing love involved extravagancy.


She wanted Italian for dinner, so…

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Alexis posted the picture of the visit on his Instagram. A lot of fans got excited when they learned about his changed location and ultimately the reason behind the entire movement. Alexis is the co founder of the Reddit, which is a good website featuring content from different niches.

The caption read, She wanted Italian dinner, so ….

Now, if he genuinely flew to Italy in order to get his wife’s wish fulfilled then definitely he is the best husband of the current times. In a way, flying to some other country just for sake of having a dinner seems quite disturbing, but still, the possibility is there as shared by Alexis on Instagram.

Serena also shared the pictures with her followers. The shots appeared to be captured from Drone. Well, Alexis can afford all such luxeries.

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