Why I left USA 20 years ago … & Why I won’t be getting back

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Liz Proffitt Lemarchand wrote a piece for HuffPost. In her piece she drew comparison between the United States and European countries through her personal experience. She mentioned that she grew up in ‘middle-class suburbia in 1980’ and she called growing up in that era ‘kind of like being brainwashed.’

She said that she was fed the wrong information as a kid, she was taught, ‘money was objective to achieve happiness.’ This so-called ‘American Dream’ was perused by her and even though she landed a job that was considered excellent, she never felt happy. She said that she started living the life of a corporate rat competing with other fellows to attain the happiness. The place of work was a Wahington D.C. based massive conglomerate.

The apex point came when the author decided to fake her kidnapping in order to take some days off. At this point, she realized that she could no longer work like a robot.

I had believed every word of the American dream — work hard, make money, be happy — but it wasn’t so. Something had to change. – She wrote on Huffington Post

Out of nowhere, she decided to leave the country when she saw nature while sitting on a place. The greenery gave her a refreshing feeling, thus, she decided to start a new life in a new non-English country. She acted on this strange idea and moved to France. She made a life for herself in that country and found the culture to be fulfilling, which granted her unending happiness.

She furthermore said that after spending two decades out of U.S. she can never imagine coming back. She claimed that the country has changed a lot since she left, she called out the dire situation in America.

The easy access to guns, where the parents have to fear for their children’s lives when they send them to the school, the healthcare failure and whatnot – these are the things that are better in Europe and overall standard of living.

She ended her post with this:

I love America but I hate what it is becoming. I’m sad that I cannot share the protection and benefits I enjoy daily with my American loved ones who are as deserving of them as I am. So while I chose to leave it, if others don’t want to, I now try to encourage them to fight for change.

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