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White supremacist dies building ISIS-Style bombs, leaves behind tons of controversy

Written by Logical Men

Benjamin Morrow was recently found deceased along with white supremacist literature in his possession.

He was also working on a bomb called ‘Mother of Satan’, which was indicated by the use of specific ingredients used for the purpose

He was 28-years-old and died in an explosion in the kitchen of his Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, apartment recently.

The bomb-making substance was found everywhere in his house, so the firefighters chose to destroy the 16-unit apartment block instead of clear out and search. This incident was confusing to the people who knew him, because he was home-schooled, religious man describes in an obituary.

“I’d love to defend Ben because he has been described as a bomb maker and he’s not a bomb maker,” the Rev. Jerry Marsden, who presided over Morrow’s funeral, told the Associated Press on March 15. “He wasn’t a recluse as some have said he is. He was far from that.”

His house was a full-fledged homemade explosive laboratory, and evidence also suggests that he had plans to use it as well.

There was also 1 gallon of acetone found in the apartment, which becomes highly volatile and potent upon being cooked properly.

Acetone is typically used by ISIS in attacks.

Application for a warrant for a further is submitted.

“It does cause me some concern, but I want to make very clear just because Mr. Morrow was in the possession of this material does not categorize him in any particular light,” said Lt. Terrence Gebhardt. “He could have been an individual that was doing research.”

It is thought that he was working alone and the possibility of terrorism is ruled out the FBI’s initial investigation.

“I am aware that a person could work solely to connect this type of manufacturing homemade explosives themselves,” Heimerl said in the warrant application, according to the Daily Beast. “But I am also equally aware that individuals oftentimes communicate, inspire and engage with other persons to manufacture homemade explosives.”

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