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White St. Louis police officer shoots off-duty black officer

A black off-duty officer was shot by another on duty white officer after he mistook him for a suspect fleeing the situation. A statement as released by St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

At 10 p.m on Wednesday, the St. Louis Police received a phone call. They were reported on the call about a stolen car which was spotted somewhere in the city. The police immediately laid spike strips in order to bust the car thief. Opposite to their expectations, the car thief opened fire at the police. They started chasing the car which eventually crashed.

The car thief tried to run away on feet. According to the police statement, an off-duty officer who heard some gun noise came out of his house, as he lived near the place of the crash.  He had his department-issued firearm. Two officers ordered the police officer who had just appeared to throw away his weapon and get on the ground. The officer complied and soon they learned that he was their own off-duty officer. The police told him to walk towards them.

One officer who had just arrived at the place of crash feared for his safety and also wasn’t able to comprehend the situation opened a fire at the officer, which shot his arm. The injured officer was immediately taken to the hospital. He has been released by now.

Off-duty officer shot at the scene

The officer who was shot had been recognised as a 38-year-old officer with 11 years of service. On the contrary, the one who shot him is 38-year-old with 8 years of service.

Two of the three car robbery suspects have been taken into custody and have been issued a bond of $500,000 for their bail.

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