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White House rejects any links of Trump to the accused New Zealand perpetrator who gunned-down 50 people

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Trump has always attempted to keep on a heads on approach, recently he had to veto down an attempt of Congress to end the emergency declaration. This is a strong move for a president who believes that his agenda is something which must be followed, and for that he even declared an emergency for getting the required funds to build the wall. In other news, a very saddening incident happened in a country which shares the same ocean as America does, New Zealand. This incident was so tragic that I don’t have any words to show the calamity and horrors attached with this one act which was taken place in New Zealand. As everyone knows, what I am talking about, it’s a xenophobic act which dropped its horrors on a few people from a specific religious group. The act was carried out in a mosque when some muslims were about to say prayer. The perpetrator in the city of Christchurch visited a mosque with full preparation and gunned down around 50 people, without caring for anything he even live streamed the video.

The perpetrator of the New Zealand incident calls out Trump

He said in a statement that he liked how Trump also presented the same ideas regarding the white supremacy, The perpetrator somehow included Trump in an incident which happened in New Zealand because of this statement of his likeness for Trump. The White House had to eventually issue a statement that the president had no link with the guy behind that horrible incident. The guy entered the mosque with full preparation and he gunned-down fifty people who were offering their prayers. These people were there with no weapons. This one incident just shook the entire human rights groups all around the world. The people couldn’t expect that someone could have done something of this horrible magnitude.

The president is not a white supremacist, I’m not sure how many times we have to say that. Let’s take what happened in New Zealand [Friday] for what it is: a terrible evil tragic act. (said the White House Chief of staff Mick Mulvaney)

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