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White House: Donald Trump’s tan & orange face is good genes

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American politics have just entered a strange space, today, we witnessed a strange piece of news circulating which claimed that Donald Trump’s yellowish tan of the face is merely good genes. The claimants were forceful that this was not unnatural instead belonged to good genes. This is something like the radiated face of Donald Trump earned some attention of the critics and thinkers. Donald Trump must be happy that even his face is getting a lot of importance in the politics and news space. The New York Times decided to dig a little into the tan of the Trump as they wanted to know the source of this mid winter glow of his skin. They found that it was just because of his excellent genes which favour him to stay beautiful in every weather with a fresh skin tone.

A senior administration official spoke to the media on the condition of the anonymity, he said that Donald Trump has good genes and this is from the official findings of the White House as it keeps a record of the president’s health and well being. This official spoke only on the condition of the anonymity. The official did admit that Trump applied a little powder, a translucent one, but on bronzer, just to make a better appearance.

The White House insiders are against these claims, they called Trump as an actor, who performs

Several insiders from the White House were not just satisfied with this stance of the genes, a reason behind the yellowish face of the Trump. The make-up artist Jason Kelly said that she knew exactly what the president did with himself, as she took names of things like tanning bed, the spray tan, the goggles and president’s hyper-pigmentation around his eyes. The former aide Omarosa said that Trump hits the beds regularly, which refers to tanning beds. Manigault Newman in the book she wrote, Unhinged, claimed that Trump had a tanning bed installed in the White House.

There are other things which can be kept in mind while deciding about the Trump’s fine colour of the skin, on such thing is to not forget about his ever-white parents, Fred and Mary Trump. So, what is your opinion? Would you side with the White House statement or maybe your decision is different based on your stance.

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