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White House blatantly rejects Congress demands for Mueller probe documents

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The White House in a harsh statement has denied any right of Congress to conduct a ‘do over’ of Special Counsel Rober Mueller’s Russia probe. The statement further regarded the request as a sweeping demand of the certain lawmakers and a blatant effort to harass political opponents.

The White House counsel Pat Cipollone sent a letter to the house committee chairman on the judiciary which read that the committee’s probe served no legitimate legislative purpose. Jerrold Nadler currently holds the position of the chairman of the house committee on judiciary.

The letter was drafted to answer the concerns and demands of Nadler. The demand was to request the documents of the probe from the White House to carry out a congressional investigation of allegations of obstruction of justice, corruption and power abuse. The White House counsel Cipollone snubbed the demand of the chairman and in reply sought the legal ground for the provision of Mueller documents for a congressional investigation. He maintained that many documents were meant to be withheld under executive privilege.

The White House showed reservation to be an aid in starting a congressional investigation against a 2-year effort carried out by the Mueller probe. Mueller probe redacted version was earlier published for the online audience consumption; however, a detailed document includes details about Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the removing of former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn and former FBI director James Comey, and possible exonerations for Trump associates.

The redacted version of Mueller probe contained details about Trump’s exposure to Russia. However, Mueller had concluded that there was not enough evidence available to link Trump’s exposure to Russia within the criminal ambit. The report also fell short of details regarding Trump’s attempts to ouster Mueller probe officials.

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