What Most Schools Don’t Teach but Should be Learnt!

Here is the official try of Google’s Fan page at Google Plus! to let others know about the importance of something which is totally ignored in the school life of a child. Outcome is seriously bad in terms of technological understanding. It’s a part which most schools just ignore and don’t think worthy enough to be triggered in the life of a student. I am talking about How to Code? Yes! It’s the part which most schools never give attention to and the reason is “ignorance of parents“. Most parents this that what is the use of learning how to code? But I have seen a lot of kids who actually want to get engaged into this world of coding things and learning how to develop things in this virtual world.

Steve Jobs said : Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…It teaches you how to think.

Why Schools Ignore the Coding Part:

It’s not important:

Schools ignore this coding part because they don’t think that it’s important but trust me it can prove really important for any individual because every field has computer involved in a way or the other. In case if you don’t know the cons and pros of the machine you are using and you are not able to think like a pure geek then surely you can suffer a lot in this virtual world by falling prey of scams and bad companies. One who knows how to handle a machine but he can’t translate his ideas by commanding the machine how to act on these ideas! then it’s bad for the user side. It’s bad for the creativity hidden in him.

It’s not Financially Strong path:

Most parents and schools think that if they will let their child go for the computers and stuff like this even the child acts good and shows some creativity then they are making his time to be wasted as they want their child to learn something may make him financially strong in the near future. Though! it’s wrong side to be thought. There is no price for creativity and enthusiasm which lies inside any person. Financially strong path shouldn’t be decided with the help of others who have adopted something really cool. What should be kept in mind is this: “Whatever your child is doing if he finds it interesting and it’s not something at wrong side then you should let him do with some sort of guidance from your side

It’s hard to learn:

No, it’s not hard to be learn and you don’t need to be very much sharp with good IQ level. What you need is passion and a right cause to learn, like I like to blog about things and to write content also I have always loved to design sites and to code the proper things in them with a user friendly interface, so you can call it as a right output to be tried with a good input. In my case I just learned being a determined guy will help you always, just stick to it as long you don’t get it and keep practicing things.

Code Org. Comes into play, To share the awareness with World – What most Schools don’t tech!

It’s a really nice effort and I appreciate it so much since these guys have done something good at code.org and their advisory board consists of big names like:

They are trying to let others know the importance of learning “How to program?” and for the same cause they have prepared videos and shared them among public also featuring many big names like written above in the details. The Founder of this program is “Hadi Partovi” who is an entrepreneur and also a part of the founding teams of projects like iLike and Tellme and also a invester and advisor to startups like Facebook, Dropbox and airbnb. They shared video at youtube to tell the importance of coding. You can watch it below:

Do you think Schools should consider this?

If you think so! Then visit code.org and cast your opinion by signing your name at the index page. Also you can start to learn by going into learning section and getting your account at codeacademy. This is the simplest way to get into learning the codes and getting the little understanding on how sites work and even how you can code your own software and applications. Just visit the site to get more information.

Infographic to Show that There will be more jobs for programmers and developers:

Infographic- Coders and Programmers
Stay tuned to this blog and you will soon get some tutorials worth reading which can really enhance your knowledge related to computer and technology.