What is Job of a blogger? Scope and Earning

Writing blogs and sharing one’s own opinion is a healthy thing. Activity of blogging allows for a venue to share something new with the world. It’s a personalised space which the author of the blog moulds according to his own liking and disliking. Do we all understand the job of a blogger? The 21st century is ripe with the Fourth Industrial Revolution; resultantly many people are following the career path of a blogger. The term blogging and blogger is finding its way to the mainstream media. I’ve broken this article in two parts; the first one deals with the scope of the blogging job; whereas the second part deals with the pecuniary benefits.

1. Scope of the Job of a blogger:

In the past, writing diary before going to sleep was one of the acts of blogging. Today, the same space is shifted to the online websites. Further, the scope has broadened too. One can blog about various topics starting from machines, house chores to human psychology or financial advice.

1.1 A blogger writes the things he loves

Suppose, if someone is a car mechanic then he can create a blog and share his own opinions. He can use images to further enhance the message and knowledge on his blog. Similarly, a finance manager can start a blog on financial matters. On a similar note, a housewife can start a blog sharing home economics tips. The job of a blogger is to write what he is passionate for.

1.2 A blogger supports his knowledge with facts

Ethics of blogging require that the writer must adhere to the facts. Otherwise, writing false and malicious content lies in the domain of propaganda which isn’t blogging. The job of a blogger requires the writer to adhere to the truth.

On the contrary, fictional writer can also write his own blog. However, it’s worth mentioning that such blogs are mentioned with fiction tag.

1.3 Blogging is also about Innovation and Modernity

A blogger not only shares a new innovation but at the same time he is an advocate of knowledge. Professors and scientists often start a blog to keep a track of their innovations. Further, it also provides them with avenues to meet like minded people.

Many people enjoy reading blogs which are an expert in their fields. Such bloggers are like an authority in their own domain.

1.4 A Blogger has technical knowledge about Computers

The job description of a blogger not only involves the ability to know things; but at the same time it wants the author to know HTML and Computers. Since, blogging involves research, creating images, publishing content and managing content on a website; therefore, a basic computer level knowledge is necessary.

Furthermore, often image editing softwares are also used to enhance the experience of the readers of a blog.

Adobe Photoshop – A popular software used for editing images for blogs

2. Earning through Job of a Blogger:

Pecuniary benefits come pretty late when someone chooses blogging. This is not a job for everyone to blog. Often people who create blogs just for sake of money find it hard to continue writing articles. A blog comes in the attention of the advertisers once it has been established as an authority.

The worth of a blog is measured by the number of the followers. The subscribers and social media following determine the worth of a blog. If a blogger writes good content and attempts to answer questions which his visitors might want to know then he can gain followings quickly. One good question which a blogger asks is What value is my blog offering? If he is able to give an answer to this question then in near future he would be able to earn passive income from his blog.

Brands often approach bloggers for their product reviews. Further, therefore ad agencies like Google Adsense which include small blogs in their platform to serve them ads. It is a good program by giants like Google to motivate people share knowledge for free. However, there are certain qualities of a website which one must fulfil before applying for such ad agencies membership.

3. Frequently asked Question regarding Job of a Blogger:

Often in our inbox we receive enquiries about people wanting to become blogger. They have some questions which we answer regarding blogging. Let’s add some frequently asked questions which new bloggers or blogging aspirants ask.

3.1 How can I be a successful blogger?

Many people ask this question after reading success stories of famous bloggers. They too want to follow their path of success. Therefore in an attempt to be successful at the job of blogging; they seek online resources. The answer to this question lies in the diligence and regular posting. One can’t be successful unless he pursues his dream with both quantity and quality. In case if you are attempting to be successful for sake of being successful then failure is awaiting.

One can be a successful blogger if he posts regularly, follows good blog design, keeps a check on user experience and attempts to answer the unanswered questions of his blogging field.

3.2 Which site is best for blogging? WordPress or Blogger?

The second most frequently asked question regarding job of a blogger is the selection of blogging platform. We’ve compared WordPress with Blogger. The choice between the two depends on things like your goal as a blogger and the amount of investment which you want to make in this blogging venture. The two platforms are good and one can do basic blogging with any of the two. However, scaleability of the future is different in both platforms.

Blogger is a self-hosted option; whereas, WordPress is to be hosted on ones own server other than its self-hosted option.

3.3 How much can a new blogger earn?

The answer to this question has been pre-answered in the previous paragraphs. However, just to give the readers a picture of reality. A new blogger should not focus on earning; rather he should focus on writing good content. He should attempt to enhance the value of his blog by sharing new ideas. A blog takes time to build. It’s like a child which is not offering much when he is young but as he grows older, with the newly acquired knowledge he starts to show others light.