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Weird “momo” challenge takes internet by storm

The old generation before the time of the internet must be feeling better in the current age of so-called stupid challenges. The current generation faces a lot of difficulties when it comes to the internet because of the instant dissemination of the information. These strange tasks which go viral are adding difficulties in the life of teenagers. The recent ‘kiki’ dance challenge went viral and many people got injured while trying to dance out of a moving car.

This ‘momo’ challenge is something new which has taken a root in the minds of teenagers, until recently. The audience might feel weird to learn about a new challenge every other week. It’s a challenge which asks kids to add a contact in Whatsapp.

The challenge took pace when a sculptor picture went viral having disheveled hair and protruding eyes with a queer appearance. The sculpture definitely looked like something from horror movies. It’s being propagated that the designer of the ‘momo’ used animal remains to carve out the body of its existence. The reality is not yet clear and we are merely covering the internet gossips revolving around. The challenge doesn’t involve the creator. The task has reported to be attracting different kids from the first world. A recent incident in Argentina is being investigated for a possible link with the ‘momo’ task.

It’s being said that the momo task asks certain things to be done while the video of it to be recorded and uploaded by the task doer. The authorities are worried because of the damages which the momo task can do while using WhatsApp as the medium of propagation. The internet is informative while at the same time if things are left unchecked then it can prove to be dangerous.

Prevent your kids

Make sure that you understand how internet hoax work. The kids are not aware of the reality behind the human greed. Being a parent you have enough experience to learn the greed behind any lie which your kid might face on the internet. Educate your kids so that they may learn the difference between information and misinformation.

Be their friends so they may share their daily routine and life. You must know about their activities in a friendly manner. Forcing upon things on the kids is a bad idea. There are other preventive measures which must be taken to prevent kids from falling victim to these stupid challenges.

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