Weird girl uploaded 6 slide presentation titled “Girl of your dreams” on Tinder to hook up with guys

Written by Wamiq Ali

This girl took the love thing to a next level by uploading an introductory presentation at Tinder. I don’t know what she was thinking but definitely, this isn’t going to earn her some nice guy.

The brief description part of her profile surely shows that she knows about her awkward efforts. She wrote, “For all the people out there saying there must be something wrong with me if I’m putting this much effort in my bio, you are right.

The first intro slide

She has well written her history like she was unattractive when she was young, but now she has incredibly grown up to be hotter than before. However, she is nice and that’s why she hasn’t hot person complex. She has also described he meme taste and thinks her music taste isn’t so well.

Slide 2 of the intro

The girl is also well aware of using better camera angles to make herself appear better in photos. She described this in terms of a graph, an improvement graph in the third slide.

Slide number three of the intro

She has also included a pie chart to show her time distribution during the day. I haven’t seen any girl at Tinder being so expressive. The girl has literally used her mathematical knowledge of pie charts and graphs and turned it into her advantage of showing her daily life.

The third slide of “Girl of your dreams”

One point which must be noted is her emotional unavailability. She described it clearly in the fourth slide that she isn’t someone who would be emotionally available.

Slide number 5

She has included her personal details too like her ears are the nicest. She can also drink alcohol.

The last slide of girl’s intro

What do you think after reading all these slides? We are eagerly waiting for your responses.

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