Weird French ‘Wonder Bullet’ shotgun slug is designed to blow up inside your target

Written by Wamiq Ali

This weird wonder bullet ensures less penetration but more serious internal damage. The amazing thing about these slugs is that they are able to break into a bunch of piece upon impact.

Weird Design of a slug

The slug has some internal holes which a lot of people believe that these are present for some sort of aerodynamic stabilisation. However, these are designed in such a way to allow no air through the holes. The facing front of the slug had a profile which causes no air flow inside the slug.

The side view of the slug

This French bullet was tested on a stack of magazines, the bullet tumbled and went into the stack of magazine upon firing. Then after the examination of the stack of the magazine it appeared as if the bullet had burst inside. The small pieces which came out of this weird slug had caused enough internal damage to the stack of the magazine.

Tiny pieces of slug recovered from the stack of magazine

So now, it’s clear the reason of this particular hollow slug design. It’s designed this way to make sure that upon hitting the target it gets inside as tiny pieces. The design is to make it act like a giant hollow-point so that when slug impacts something of flesh then it breaks apart into several small pieces. Basically, giving it the ability to explode inside the target.

This allows it to create the least penetration with maximum injuries. The video below says that the devastation which this slug causes is unbelievable.

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