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Websites to Use For Phone Comparison

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone there are various things you needs to keep in mind. Although everyone has their own set of priorities for the specification of the smartphone, some would need a better camera and some would need an excessive memory while others would put emphasis on various other features. For one it is not very easy to decide that which model of a smartphone to buy. Some would ask friends or family to suggest them a smartphone meeting their criteria while some would use the web. Now a days there are various websites which one can use for the phone comparison. These different sites have their own way of working. They match different handsets according to their own criteria whereas some websites allows you to choose your own criteria for phone comparison. Here we will discuss some of the best websites that can be used.


It is one of the best website for the phone comparison that one can use before buying a new smartphone. This websites contain critical reviews for the upcoming model of every smartphone making company, their prices, allow you to select the smart phone according to your own price range and specifications. This websites also contain blogs by different writers which includes the public opinions about smartphone. It also allows you to compare a smart phone against another smartphone with respect to their specifications. They don’t only give the specification in term of numbers, but also they give you the images comparison taken by each camera, video quality of both and battery usage or timing comparison. Also this website provide you the ranking of smartphones depending on different categories. This websites tell you that which smartphone is better in term of coverage depending upon the frequency bandwidth. In short this is a complete package for comparing a smartphones.

Gadgets NDTV:

This is another website in the queue which you can use to compare smartphone before buying a new one. Actually this site is not only limited for smartphones. It is a complete package ranging from show business to sports, from technology to news. It has dedicated search option for each and every category. In this website you just need to write the name of the smart phone of your own choice and it will give all of its specifications. You can enter up the names of up to 4 cell phones and it will give you the specifications of every phone compared against each other. It also contains some default comparison of new and famous models of smartphones which you just need to click on them to view those.

91 mobiles:

This is another website which is very efficient for phone comparison. Mainly it focuses on the price comparison but that doesn’t mean that it can’t give you the specification. The main advantage of this website is that its database contains the smartphones of different companies that aren’t very famous among others. It compare the phones against the specifications like processor, operating system of the smartphone memory, graphics specs, price, battery timing, frequency bandwidth Etc. it also provide you the option to search and compare the smartphone of your own choice. You can compare up to 4 smartphones. Furthermore it contains the user reviews about different model which you can read to know about the model of your own choice. This will get you an insight from a user side.

Compare cellphones:

Another website for the phone comparison is compare cellphones. It gives you the option to compare the two smartphones of your own choice or you can select the two of them from their list. After that it give you reasons on the basis of specification for each of the cell phone after asking you different questions. E-g what is your main focus? What type of display do you want? Which operating system would you like? How much memory do you need? Based on these questions it is going to suggest you a smartphone.


This website gives you the option to compare the different smartphones by writing their names in the search bar on their homepage. This page just contains the search bar. It gives you comparisons of both the phones on the basis of specifications.  It also provide you comparison for other gadgets like smart watches, tablets, laptops and other electronic gadgetry Etc. this website also releases the latest ranking of the upcoming smartphones or the most trending ones.

Kim Kommando:

This website is known as the digital American goddess. It gives you news and review about the latest and upcoming technology. It provides you with different charts for the smartphone comparison. It has categories the smartphones into different groups depending upon their functionality, price, and performance.  There are high end smartphone charts, mid end smartphones chart, and phablet comparison chart.