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4 Ways to get a Portable Wifi Hotspot Without Using Regular Wifi Router

A portable wifi hotspot is something which doesn’t need you to take a wifi router along. Wifi routers are something quite different as compared to the portable wifi hotspots. You can get a portable wifi hotspot in many ways, using these portable wifi hotspot, you will be able to surf internet. A portable wifi hotspot can even help you to connect many devices to internet using only one device which has already been connected to the internet. Thus, portable wifi hotspot is a source of complete productivity and time saving ability.

This article aims to help you out in getting a portable wifi hotspot anywhere, so that you may not fall low on options when it may come about internet and your important tasks related to it.

4 Ways you can get a portable Wifi Hotspot:

Wifi Hotspot Sources

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1- Your Mobile is Capable of Creating a Wifi Hotspot:

Either you are using an android smartphone or else an iOS powered smartphone, then in both the cases you are able to make hotspot. You can Easily connect your smartphone to the 3G services. After that you can turn on the hotspot of your smartphone which can then be used to connect other devices with the hotspot. Thus, this is a sort of portable hotspot which can be used to connect other devices while giving them internet access. iPhone and some latest smartphones even now have the option of bluetooth and usb cable tethering, you just need to visit the settings of your smartphone in order to start the hotspot. The password and ssid names can be set from the settings very easily.

2- You can use your laptop to get the Wire Internet through Wifi Hotspot to the Smartphone:

You can use your laptop as a source of wifi hotspot, I have already written a guide explaining how to create wifi hotspot in windows 8/7 and 8.1, the guide is quite easy. At the end of that ultimate guide you will be able to create wifi hotspot out of your laptop, suppose you only have access to the wired internet then in this case you can spread that on other devices as well using the idea of portable wifi hotspot in the laptop. But you need to have a wifi adapter installed in your laptop which may be capable of creating a wifi hotspot or I may say hosted internet connection.

3- You can use a 3G modem with Wifi Built In Facility:

Today, we have got 3G modems, which can either be prepaid as well as postpaid. These 3g modems have the built in wifi facility also, which can enable you to connect 5 wifi devices at a time with the 3G modem while giving them all the internet access as well as other networking features. The good thing about these modems is that these are smaller in size but act as a wifi router. You can get optus mini 3g enabled wifi modem and also telstra wifi enabled 3g modem, there are other services available also and are dependent upon country , thus depending on your country you may google, 3g enabled portable wifi modem.

4- You can get a wifi connection at the Public Food Spots, Hotels and Airports too:

If you are going out for an outing plan, then don’t forget to visit a good place if you don’t have any of the three options available mentioned above. A good place like a good restaurant, a good airport and a good coffee or food spot has the wifi facility which can used to connect to the internet, but don’t forget that when you are using such a portable hotspot facility then in this case never forget to surf internet using https:// only, if some site is not secured with http in the url , then kindly don’t visit that specially if that website takes some login information from you, if the site which you wish to visit on a public internet is safe and doesn’t ask you some sort of login information then you can visit that on a public internet.

If you think that there can be other methods, then don’t forget to mention in the comments.