Ways to foster employer-employee relationship

When you are working in an organization or working for someone you would surely be having an employer. You need to have a good relationship with your employer for the benefits of your own. Mostly it is mentioned that it is only your responsibility to maintain good relationship with your boss but this needs to be the two way street. Boss should also contribute in evolving the relationship with his employee to get the maximum benefits out of him. Now the question is that how that relationship can be build up or how you can strength this bond. There are certain steps that both parties can take to foster the employer-employee relationship because if there exists a good relationship between them, the work output will be maximum.


Everyone needs respect especially when you are working for someone and giving your best efforts for that job. You would surely expect some respect in return. Employers must understand this and they must respect their employees. This doesn’t mean that an employer or boss should appreciate all your doings or back yourself up for each and every step you take whether it is helpful to company or not. But this simply means that employer should starts to insult his employees in front of his clients for some mistake. If there exists some discrepancy on the part of employee, employer can warn him later.


Every employer must trust his own employees and show them by trusting them in important matters also. Try to give them responsibilities that would empower them, help them in growing and which can make them feel like being an important part of an organization. Feeling this would surely buildup their morale and they would perform better and also the employer-employee relationship would become strong.

Bonus wages:

Every employer must attach the company performance and progress with the wage of his employees. This doesn’t mean that employer starts to consider them as a shareholder but he can reward his employees. There should be performance based compensations to appreciate the employees, This would not only give employees the initiative to work hard but also motivate their interests toward the company’s progress. They would start to feel like being an integral part of the company. For a small business this is a very good initiative to gather up the top talent.

Relaxation time:

Employer must not over burden his employees and he must try to get them some relaxation time. This is a necessary step because working continuously will decrease the performance and there are many chances of error. Try to give them suitable time for break between the working hours because working a complete shift without any break would lower their morale and their efficiency would decrease. Furthermore if someone is asking for a leave in case of genuine reason, try to give them required leave because this would make a good image of yourself in the eyes of an employees and he’ll starts to work more effectively. And as a result employer-employee relationship bond will be strengthen.


Secrets and silence are the greatest enemy of employer-employee relationship. If the employer is too much secretive about the financial and business status of the company, this would create an environment of uncertainty in the company. Employees starts to consider the option of quitting the job because they think that something not good is going in there. So this would torn the employer-employee relationship. So every employer must came up clean and clear to his employees up to certain extent. Obviously he can’t share each and everything of the company with his subordinates but the things that can be share must be share to create a friendly environment within the organization.

Provide opportunities:

No one can work on the same place without having a chance of growing career.  If employee thinks that working in the job isn’t giving him opportunities to flourish, he would put his best efforts there. This wouldn’t be very helpful in strengthening the employer-employee relationship. Employer must try to give the working opportunities to his subordinates so that they can enhance their skills and using those skills work for the benefit of the company.

Avoid emotional attachment:

At some place it is observed that employers become fond of their employees and get themselves emotionally attached. Especially in case of female employees. This is very dangerous situation for employer-employee relationship. This relationship should be bounded only to professional attachment because if it goes beyond that point it causes problem for both the parties and result in ending up disastrous for the company in some cases.

Avoid favoritism:

Some employers give more importance to some of their employees than others. By this you can only create an environment of enmity within the organization. Try to keep an equal and balance relationship with each and every one to create the friendly environment.

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