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Watching this lady’s wheelchair convert into something unusual is so soothing

Written by Wamiq Ali

People who are using wheelchair understand the difficulty in moving around places. Science is continuously trying to find better solutions. A powered wheelchair is one of those solutions which provided comfortability with speed to disabled people. There is something new in the wheelchair assistant gadgets for disabled people using a wheelchair. Rio Mobility has introduced a gadget which can be attached to the traditional wheelchairs to convert them into powered tricycles.

This gadget can be installed through attachment to a wheelchair as the video shows and once it’s been attached one just needs to pull the lever to detach the wheelchair’s front wheels from the ground. It can go to speeds as high as 11Mph.

The gadget uses a lithium ion battery which claims to provide power for consecutive 4 hours of usage. The handle bar has throttle control and two brake levers. The handle can rotate to 90 degrees so when sharp turns come in the home this comes handy. This gadget is currently being sold around $2k. Watch the amazing video of wheelchair converted into powered tri-cycle.

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