Watch out for these new movies in 2015 – Add them to Watchlist ASAP

The year 2015 is outburst with many new movies in the domain of suspense, humor, mystery, romance and thrill.  Like every year, this year too fans expect the film industry to come up with new ways of excitement and pleasure. The list includes all the animated movies too.

Cinderella; the Ever-Green:-


Cinderella, the all-time favorite is ready to be re-telecasted this spring in March. The plot is the same as of original Cinderella but this time with different characters.  It’s about a young girl name, Ella whose father re-marries a woman (Tremaine) with two daughters (Anastasis & Drizella) but after the death of her father, she faces three jealous, ill-fated women who treat him as a slave. Ella keeping the words of her mother, who had asked her to be patient and kind to everyone, makes her treat them as her own family.


Though story is old, but like every time it takes the attention of the audience in anyway. It is not the very first time that the movie has been telecasted, but again director feels the movie is that enough to gain attention in the box office. It is also expected that in the queue of new movies, Cinderella may prove to be profitable and lucrative addition.

Releasing Time:

Cinderella will be releasing on March 13, 2015 under the umbrella of Walt Disney movies.

Frozen Fever; Frozen is back:


Frozen fever, the sequel of blockbuster frozen can be considered in the category of a new movie, which had taken the hearts of fans with its best sound tracts and animations. This time frozen fever is the sequel of frozen. New characters have been introduced this time, but Elsa. Khristoff and Anna are the same. The story is about Elsa’s powers which gets spoil this time. Anna’s birthday is approaching so Elsa and Khristoff are planning a blow for her big day, however the powers of Elsa gets viral and goes out of control and thus change the whole scene.

To know more about what happens next, watch for the movie this March 13, 2015.

Major Players:-

All animated movies lovers, Frozen Fever and Cinderella, both are being released together in the same month, with same dates. It will become difficult for fans to decide which one to watch first, but trust me both the movies are expected to be worth seen.

Avengers; Age of Ultron:-

First sequel of Avengers had amazed all the fans because of its ultimate cast. Presence of Hulk, Iron man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow all, with well justified role made the world crazy with the storyline and cinematography. This year avengers are back with the same zeal, enthusiasm, and excitement.


This time the story is little focused on Ultron, which is the new villain in town. He tries to malice Earth with his evil intentions. The Avengers are all set to stop Ultron from executing his plans. To bring in peace and put Earth in the state of balance, all Avengers put their maximum throttle and fight back. Watch for the Avengers fight this summers, May 1, 2015.

The Fantastic Four:-

Another not a new name in the context of movie world, the fantastic four. The very first movie was released in 2005 and since then, it has achieved waves of success. The movie is all set to be released in August 2015. The plot is the same with four persons, having out of this world power and who are always busy in making the world a better place to live.


As of previous movies of the fantastic four, this new one is again revolving around the four outsiders who with various powers are doing away with the harms and evil moves which may impact the Earth and are more focused towards making their and other lives much easier and spreading message of peace.

The perfect Guy:-


Now out of fairy tale, let take out attention to some love story cum mystery series. This perfect guy falls into the category of typical love story which eventually turns into suspense and thus revenge.


It’s about a young girl, who is living her life with charm and fun. Her long lasting boyfriend finds it hard to get into any sort of serious relationship with her, so she calls it a day with her. One fine morning, she meets another guy and falls for him. But with the passage of time, the over protective nature of her new boyfriend changes her mind and when she plans to end this relationship, she faces solid retaliation from her new boyfriend. Wait for the full picture till September 2015 and till then enjoy this teaser.

Pixels; it’s time to save the world:


It’s a really different movie as compared to the conventional ones. Though the fight between aliens and humans have been interpreted many time in various plots, but this time it is neither humans nor aliens who onset the war, but some video games which aggravate the aliens to start this war.


Misinterpreting the video games, alien attacks earth and try to simulate all the video games tactics. The aliens end up facing forces which have taken special trainings from some installer of theater. The president thus makes the team of perfectionist and thus save the world from aliens.

Steve Jobs; a Biography:

Steve jobs

Who may not know Steve jobs and the contributions by him? This year Hollywood is making a biography of Steve Jobs, commending his work, appreciating his knowledge and acknowledging his services to the humanity. Watch out more about Steve Jobs this October 2015 and get to know him more.

Alvin and the Chipmunks:


Who doesn’t know the famous Alvin and the Chipmunks? The movie is the sequel of the cartoon and much anticipated. Watch out this year end how Alvin and his companion chipmunks win the heart of their audience with their comics, cute voices, lovely gestures and adorable faces.


For all those who love to watch simple family movies, vacations are the perfect blend of family life filled with love, charm and family get together. This October, sit down with your family and enjoy vacations.


The story is about a family, in which wife plans a surprise life-time trip with her husband and two sons which is memorable and full of fun.

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